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RR's Most Modded

These are some of the mods you see us do the most, while we offer customization for everything from the NES to the Playstation 5, our most famous works are shown below!

All works generally have a base charge of $20, all costs shown are estimates only and the best way to get a confirmed estimate would be to reach out to the Rockingham Repair Team!


Xbox Controllers

A controller is everything to modern gaming, so making it as capable and personal as possible is a necessity!

Gameboy Advance

Arguably our most famous modded system, we offer ranges of prebuilds and modded services for the entire system.


Gameboy Color/Pocket

These two systems are almost identical in modding capability. And with the most homebrew mods available, who wouldn't want to mod it?


Take your style on the go, or play at home, all with RR's help!

Switch Controllers


Gameboy Advance SP

Not always a system necessary to mod, but boy can you mod it!


Gameboy DMG

Retro power meets modern power with the most moddable system capable.

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